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CB50S AC-02

CB50S AC-02

1980 Honda CB50S. Also known as the AC-02, this rare bird was available to the Japanese Domestic Market only. Designed to be an entry-level racer, it could be ridden to work during the week and raced on the week-end. It features factory improvements over the CB50J base model like a head and cam from a 100cc engine, larger 20mm carb, a hydraulic front disk brake, and a smaller seat. This bike came to the Davmomoto shop in need of total restoration in late 2015. It had been modified into a cafe racer and the build was kept in that style.

Original Honda New-Old Stock parts were sourced from as far away as the Netherlands and high-end tuner parts from Japan in this meticulous resto-mod.

A Kitaco 82cc cylinder and piston along with a Takegawa 24mm intake and matched Keihin PE24 carb bump up the power on this fun little ride.

Built 2016 by DavmoMoto

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